I wanted to get wed, but an ant got in the way!

Goddess of pop less pricey
Lacking the necessary power, authority, or means, too painful or unpleasant to continue to experience
A plant was closed tightly again
A baked dish is someone who commits robbery
What they say a fox is at a snail's pace
A country in Europe self-employed
Met specifications involving many different and confusing aspects
Animal with antlers is someone who argues about a subject formally

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These clues make no sense, how should I start this puzzle? The sentences contain crossword-style clues for two separate words. You will have to determine where one clue ends and the other begins. The first clue ("Goddess of pop less pricey") is a good place to start. Once you've solved a few clues, you may begin to notice a pattern between the two clued words, how they connect to the animal names, and how the flavor text is related.