“Three... Two... One... Ready or not, here I come!” You turn around, and in the past ten seconds all your friends have managed to disperse themselves out of your sight. It looks like a city-wide game of hide-and-seek is going to be much harder than you expected! Nonetheless, you are determined to do your best. “Where would be good places to hide in the city?”, you wonder aloud, coming up with... more than just a handful of great places to hide. No time better than now to get started! You begin walking the streets of the city, stopping by buildings, parks, alleyways, and establishments of all sorts, peering into them to find your friends.

Several hours go by, and you eventually manage to find most of your friends! It seems that most of them got bored while waiting for you to find them and started walking around the city on their own, eventually meeting you.

“That was so tiring! I don't think we should ever do that again,” you turn around to tell your friends, who are following along behind you. But as you look at your friends, you realize that someone is missing...


“Where's Waldo?!”

You panic as you realize that you've forgotten all about Waldo (again?!)! Your other friends look around, quickly also growing visibly worried. You can't end the game until you've found everyone.

You already knew that Waldo is more than just an amateur hide-and-seek player. To find him, you and your friends will probably have to take a more targeted approach – you'll actually need to figure out where to go to look for him.

On the hunt

What's this? It's not 2021 anymore? Waldo is no longer At Home?! Where did that rascal go now??

Waldo has vanished and is now ALONE IN PAIRIS. So it seems like Waldo couldn't make the Tokyo Olympics held in 2021, but this time he did make Paris 2024. You realize that Waldo has gone to help give some advice for the participants in the Olympic Games, and left a trail of puzzles for you and your friends in order to help him! Well, that wouldn't be a problem for a puzzle master like you, would it?