The Taskmaster looks back at the descriptions of his favorite tasks and the scores he gave these contestants.

Charlotte Ritchie has chocolate inside a raw onion inside a raw pepper wrapped in egg placed inside a bread.
Doc Brown hides pineapple around his torso and in his shoes.
Fern Brady bought a cat harness for 70 pounds that the cat was able to easily get out of.
Frank Skinner spends 20 pounds to buy a pair of sunglasses for the Taskmaster.
Frankie Boyle cooks some cookies with his imaginary friend Andy for his first day of school and cooks him by accident.
Joe Lycett blows up a cake with fireworks.
Joe Thomas uses a match attached to his pinky to burn through string to show the word “Recycle”.
Judi Love delivers a box of fish heads to the Taskmaster house.
Mawaan Rizwan uses a duck to temporarily block the view of a cow and makes it disappear.
Rhod Gilbert records the noise of dog shit falling onto a picture of the Taskmaster.
Rose Matafeo rolls up the carpet to get the line closer to Alex to place a rope around him.
Sally Phillips records the birth of Baby Alex.
Sara Pascoe leaves a dead body outside the shed for Alex to find after an hour.
Steve Pemberton identifies 3 hands he shook.
Sue Perkins lassos a cow and shoots a can off Alex's head, giving her the nickname Lassue Perkins.
Tim Vine uses a heel to poke holes into styrofoam, making an image of the bow of the Titanic.
Victoria Coren Mitchell uses a spade to spread jam on toast.

This puzzle has intermediate cluephrase confirmation.