1. Catch someone doing something wrong: 2*backslash, 1*slash, 2*waxing crescent, 3*y-axis
    4. Latin adverb meaning “intentionally so written”: 2*waning crescent, 1*waxing crescent, 2*x-axis
    6. Body of water that is partially enclosed by a curved shoreline: 2*backslash, 2*slash, 2*waxing crescent, 2*y-axis
    8. Feeling sorrow or unhappy: 1*backslash, 1*slash, 1*waning crescent, 2*waxing crescent, 1*x-axis
    11. What a candle is usually made of: 4*backslash, 4*slash
    13. Nervous or timid around others: 1*slash, 1*backslash, 1*waning crescent, 1*waxing crescent, 3*y-axis
    15. In most card games, the highest ranked card of a suit: 1*backslash, 1*slash, 1*waning crescent, 4*x-axis
    17. A taxi: 1*backslash, 1*waning crescent, 2*waxing crescent, 1*x-axis, 1*y-axis
    19. A state of matter: 1*backslash, 1*slash, 2*waning crescent, 1*waxing crescent, 2*x-axis
    20. A sudden, sharp sound or to say something quickly and irritably: 2*backslash, 1*slash, 1*waning crescent, 2*waxing crescent, 3*y-axis
    21. Present tense of “was”: 1*waning crescent, 1*waxing crescent, 2*x-axis
    22. Latin phrase meaning “in the year of the lord” (abbreviation): 1*backslash, 1*slash, 1*waxing crescent, 1*y-axis
    23. Exclamation of disgust: 2*backslash, 2*slash, 3*x-axis


    1. Its SI unit is the kilogram: 2*backslash, 2*slash, 2*waning crescent, 2*waxing crescent, 2*y-axis
    2. Part of the circumference of a circle: 2*backslash, 1*slash, 1*waning crescent, 1*waxing crescent, 1*x-axis
    3. Something worn on the head: 1*slash, 3*x-axis, 3*y-axis
    4. A vehicle: 2*backslash, 1*slash, 1*waning crescent, 1*waxing crescent, 1*x-axis
    5. Oblong pastry made of choux dough, usually topped with chocolate icing: 2*backslash, 1*slash, 1*waxing crescent, 7*x-axis, 4*y-axis
    7. A preposition expressing a particular location: 1*backslash, 1*slash, 2*x-axis
    9. They can be clear or cloudy: 1*slash, 2*waning crescent, 2*waxing crescent, 5*x-axis, 3*y-axis
    10. To make an attempt: 2*backslash, 1*slash, 1*waxing crescent, 3*y-axis
    12. Charlie Small’s 1974 musical, The ___: 2*backslash, 3*slash, 4*x-axis
    14. An electromagnetic wave: 4*backslash, 3*slash, 1*waxing crescent, 2*y-axis
    16. Showing no intelligence or sensitivity: 2*backslash, 1*slash, 3*waning crescent, 3*waxing crescent, 1*y-axis
    17. Feeling happiness: 1*slash, 1*waning crescent, 1*waxing crescent, 3*x-axis, 3*y-axis
    18. Russian ruler: 2*backslash, 2*slash, 1*waning crescent, 1*waxing crescent, 3*x-axis


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We have filled in the grid, how do we extract? Highlight the locations of the missing segments in the grid (it should be unique) and read these segments in row-major order (left to right, top to bottom).