Two pigs in their pen were engaged in an intense game of pig-tac-toe.

The titular character of an American movie franchise, commonly used to describe a lone wolf who is callous, raw, tough and enters dangerous situations alone
First name of current Arsenal manager Arteta
To accumulate and store away money or goods
Shrek, for example
Screen name of 2015 male beatbox world champion
“New Rules” singer surname
To stare at in a lecherous manner
Malay word used to describe the rich creaminess of coconut milk, in food
Eurasian wild pig
Mandarin word for Cheongsam that translates literally to “robes worn by Manchurians”


This puzzle seems like it is related to a certain game, but I'm not sure how these words relate to it? The title and flavor hints at a certain cipher. You could try encoding the answers to the clues, then see if you can relate the pictorial nature of the cipher to tic-tac-toe.