Where's Waldo Now

Back in 2021 during Puzzle Rojak 1, everyone was looking for Waldo as well. Looking back at 13 of the puzzle answers from Puzzle Rojak 1 (these can all be found on the Runaround's answer page), he hid where he was going to go this time as well! Where's Waldo now?


I have looked at these puzzle answers, but don't see how they relate to my answers now? You are correct that you need to connect your current answers to 13 of the Rojak 1 answers.
Do you see any "physical" similarity between the two sets of answers? That is, do you see any common words or strings of letters?
We need help with ordering! Each "extra" letter can also be thought of as a letter "inserted" into the original answers from Rojak 1. Consider where those letters were inserted. Can you use that for the ordering somehow?