Game Theory

Hi! I am John, your gamemaster for today. Welcome to Nashville's Equilibrium Escape Games! As you feel your way around our dark rooms, remember to look for hidden clues if you get stuck! Good luck!

Dr. Evil's Laboratory of Ivermectin Production
Grim's Boneyard
Pyramids of our Ancestors
Secrets of the Network Room
Smooth Re-entry to the Ghost Ship


There are some directions in these rooms, how are they relevant? The directions you would walk in the rooms should trace out a specific grid in each room that you can later apply an extraction on, clued by "feel your way around our dark rooms" in the flavortext
Not sure what is important in all these details? You need to find 2 numbers per line of text (some hidden)
Not sure what to do with these details from the escape rooms? The key words in the flavortext for the next step are "John" "Nash"ville and "Equilibrium", which is a concept related to game theory.