Connect the Dots

There are 2 puzzles associated with this island nation.
Your data can be categorized into 5 groups: AA, BB, and so on, with the red group being AA, orange group being BB, and so on, in the given order in the map provided.
7 additional datapoints can now be found, 0, 0, 1, 2, 1, 0, 0, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0, 1. This gives: AA +1, BB +2, CC +1, DD +2, EE +1.
Datapoints within each set start at 1 and increase sequentially as you scan east to west. (For your convenience, all original datapoints were already ordered from east to west)
For example, AA1 is the easternmost AA, then AA2 is the next easternmost AA.

Draw lines that connect these points:
CC4->BB10->CC3->BB4 (6)
EE6->DD14->BB10->DD11->DD10 (6)
BB3->CC1(->DD3->EE1)->CC2->BB10->BB15->CC6 (2)
BB12->DD12->DD7->AA5->CC2->AA2->EE2->DD2->DD3 (14)
CC3->DD7(->AA5->DD11)->AA2->EE4->AA9->BB11->AA11->CC4 (9)
BB15->AA13->BB13->DD13->DD9->AA7->DD12->DD14->BB9->CC3->DD11 (8)

Remember to keep in mind the number of points in each line, and sort by oldest first!

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I have the points plotted, but no clue what this is supposed to represent The meaning of the lines may not be immediately apparent if you're not from Singapore. Each line roughly follows a specific, fixed path through Singapore. The points being formatted [letter][letter][number] will help you confirm their meaning.
But if you get really stuck, Maybe Read These three first letters.
How do I extract? Count the "number of points in each line" means to count the number of points that compose each of the 6 lines you drew. E.g., the first line is composed of 4 points. You'll then need to extract the 4th station on the related line. Once you get the overall shape of each line and can map to which line it is, you can extract from there. Note that stations have canonical numbers.