[Saturday, May 24 at 03:30 PM UTC] Erratum in Ups and Downs: The flavortext was changed.
[Saturday, May 24 at 00:45 PM UTC] Erratum in Chemistry Test: The 12th question was changed.
[Saturday, May 24 at 06:30 AM UTC] Erratum in I Know My 123s: The 2nd grid had a duplicated line on the puzzle page (the copyable was correct). The extra line was removed.
[Sunday, May 25 at 04:40 AM UTC] Erratum in Jenga: The line for Row 33 was changed.
[Saturday, May 24 at 04:50 AM UTC] Erratum in The Case of the Many Blanks: The last line of the first section was changed.
[Saturday, May 24 at 05:00 AM UTC] Erratum in Colors: The numbers beside White and Black were changed.
[Saturday, May 24 at 09:00 PM UTC] Erratum in Colors: Clue 45 was changed.
[Saturday, May 24 at 09:45 PM UTC] Erratum in Measuring Kurrent: The third circuit was changed.